Sustainable Success Starts with an Endurance Habit

Unleash Your Hidden Potential to Start Strong, Focus Fast & Be Consistent to Achieve More!

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. — William Barclay


Satisfaction Guaranteed - Burst Badge GreenMost of us have lost our endurance because we focus too much on  extrinsic motivations (like being popular, winning races, etc) instead of what we really need to focus on — the why of why we want certain things.

Put simply,  What really matters is how you perform against yourself.

What this course is going to focus on is improving your endurance from where you are today so that you can achieve specific and realistic goals based on your intrinsic desires — not what others want you to achieve.

Sure, some of you may set records and even win awards but honestly, most of us won’t and that’s okay.

Why Care About Endurance?

Good question.

Endurance is the ability to continue on when all seems lost or hopeless. It’s one of the most fundamental parts of sustainable success. Without it, the goals you have set for your life will be challenging to achieve.

In fact, endurance is the first of three essential skills for lasting success. The other two are Creativity and Resilience but we’ll leave those for other courses.

Who am I to Teach You About Endurance?

Another good question. You are certainly inquisitive today :)!

The simple answer to your question is that I walk the walk, talk the talk, swim the swim and bike the bike. I have used everything in this class to achieve the goals I set out for myself. Some of those achievements include:

  • Completed an Ironman

  • Formed two companiesIt's all good when you finally finish!

  • Published two books

  • Participated and finished 2 Goruck Challenges

  • Finished a 50k and a 50 mile run

  • Raised over $50k for various charities

  • Filed 10 patents

  • Lead three community group

The tips, tools and techniques in The Endurance Habit really do work for me and for others as well. Most of these techniques are backed up by both my personal experience, research and the experience of my endurance friends.

I hope that you will give it a shot. The Endurance Habit will truly change your life for the better.

Build Endurance and Things Get Better

The most important concept to get out of The Endurance Habit is that improvement is personal and you should only measure yourself against yourself.

No one else matters. Just you and only you.

Put simply, I want you to answer yes to this question everyday:

Am I better today than I was yesterday?

Everyday you can answer yes to that question is a good day.

Any day you can’t, you need to do something right away to change your answer to yes.

Don’t get me wrong.

There will be setbacks, struggles, challenges, frustrations, freak outs, meltdowns, hardship, fear, uncertainty, doubt and sometimes even shame.

You will feel it all and all of that will make you a better person that can endure more.

If you can accept that, then you ready to build your endurance habit today! It’s just $24 for the full course and LIFETIME updates.

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This is NOT for Everyone

Honestly, some of you will not benefit from this course. It’s just a fact of life. It’s no big deal. I won’t take it personally (and neither should you). The reason for this is simple — you may not be ready to shed your external motivations and truly figure out why you want something.

For those of you who want to incrementally improve, know your why,  all while honestly answering yes to this question everyday:

Am I better today than I was yesterday?

Not am I better than Bob or Joel or Jack or Joe or Steve or Nicole or even Hillary.

Not am I the number one salesman.

Not did I place in my age group.

None of that matters.

What matters is that you get better each and everyday.

The best way I know of doing that is to build up your endurance daily by making it a daily habit.

If you are into that then, The Endurance Habit is for you.

Why A Habit?

Habits are automatic responses to our daily lives.

When we build a habit, we don’t have to think about doing it — the habit just happens.

This is an important trait of habits because this automatic behavior requires little to no brain power.

Why is that important?

Over the last ten years, our average attention span has halved from a little over 10 minutes to just above 5 minutes.

5 minutes.

That’s how long the average person can stay in focused concentration. No wonder our endurance suffers.

On top of that, we are distracted by all sorts of things on a daily basis like interruptions, mood swings, hunger and fatigue. All of these factors make it nearly impossible to break out of our routine to do anything other than our habits.

That’s why it’s important to build an endurance habit so we can move past our challenges and struggles to achieve a whole lot more.

You Were Born to Endure

I know that this may seem a bit odd, but each and every one of use was born to endure.

That’s right.

All of us were born to endure.

Don’t believe me. Do you want some sort of proof?

Okay. I’ll give you proof.

Look in the mirror.

Yes, you heard me right.

Look in the mirror.

That person staring back at you if living proof of the endurance of your ancestors.

Your ancestors endured a tremendous amount of hardships, struggles, setbacks, famine, disease, war and even the Back Street Boys to create you.

The problem with your endurance is not that you don’t have any — it’s that you have misplaced it.

The Endurance Habit will help you get that endurance back so you can achieve more for just $24 and Satisfaction is Guaranteed

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What The Endurance Habit Covers

The Endurance habit contains three sessions that will guide you through creating your own endurance habit.

Each session includes:

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  • Over 50 minutes of audio (that’s over 150 minutes total!)

  • Topic slide decks to follow along with

  • Exercises

  • Transcripts

  • External resources (articles, posts and books)

  • Special BONUS Content (see below)

Each session builds upon the last session so that you can incrementally create your endurance habit at the pace you’re accustomed too.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to form your endurance habit

  • The one question you need to ask yourself everyday

  • Three words that prevent us from forming our endurance habits

  • Determine what motivates and demotivates you

  • Techniques for making your endurance habit stick

  • The 4 simple rules to figure out what’s important

  • The magic endurance ratio

  • Learn how to preempt distractions before they happen

  • Achieve greater endurance by following this simple mantra.

  • Learn how to determine when things are good enough.

  • Determine what endurance techniques are the most effective for you.

Who Will Benefit From This Class

Again, this course is not for everyone.

If you are impatient, want quick results, shy away from hard work, constantly compare yourself to others or even envy others, then stop right here, close this page and be on your merry way.

If you are still here, then you’re the kind of person that can benefit from The Endurance Habit. If you need a little more convincing, then take a look at the types of people that can benefit from this course:

  • Community leader or local politician: trying to improve their neighborhood or city. We all know how hard it is to endure a city counsel meeting.

  • Entrepreneur: who has a great idea but needs to build more endurance to achieve it.

  • Freelancer or professional: who wants to bring their business or practice to the next level

  • Employee or Manager: who wants to get ahead, be more productive and have a better work/life balance

  • Endurance athlete: that wants to train and race better all while enjoying the ride.

  • Gorucktards: You know who you are. Enough said :)!

Does this sound like you? Then click below and get started on your own Endurance Habit for $97!

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Course Structure

The Endurance Habit is broken down into 3 Sections with an introduction to the big idea of sustainable success. Those sections are:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Success

  • Section 1: Forming Your Endurance Habit

  • Section 2: Making Your Endurance Habit Stick

  • Section 3: Achieving Greater Endurance

Each section contains an audio portion, summary slides, transcripts, external resources (like books and blog posts) along with exercises that help you form your own endurance habit.

I’ll also throw in some bonus materials to help make your endurance habit stick (see below).

Bonus Materials

Not only do you get all the audio, slide decks, transcripts, exercise and the external resources but you also get:

  • My eBook #ENDURANCE tweet: A Little Nudge to Keep You Going

  • LIFETIME access to The Endurance Habit Updates which will include EXCLUSIVE interviews with those who have Endured. Their stories are truly inspirational.

  • The eBook Leading from Within which is based on my FREE class along with SPECIAL BONUS content never before published.

  • LIFETIME Discounted Coaching rate on both single and four packs.

  • An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brad McLeod of Seal Grinder PT on how building an Endurance Habit is Essential

  • An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Greg Marcus on how to balance your life with better habits

  • An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Marc McGuinness, author of Resilience and blogger over at Lateral Action, talks about how Endurance and Resilience go hand in hand.

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that The Endurance Habit will help you achieve more that if you are not 100% satisfied with it, I’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

That’s right. 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeAs I said before, this class is not for everyone but you might not realize that until you dig into the material. I totally get that and that’s why I’ll give you back your money if The Endurance Habit is not for you.

Let’s Get Started

If you made it this far, then you must be ready to get into The Endurance Habit.

For just $24, you can start building your endurance habit today!

Get instant access to all three sessions along with all the BONUS material by clicking on the button below.

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Start down the road to more success by building your Endurance Habit Today!

Want A Corporate or Catered Version?

Are you interested in having me give The Endurance Habit as a Corporate Seminar or Webinar or you want a catered version to meet your needs?

If so, you can contact Janae Pierre over at THiNKaha. They published my book #ENDURANCE tweet — A Little Nudge to Keep You Going. They’ll be happy to help coordinate something for you.

Photo Courtesy of Troy Angrignon 

Keep Enduring!