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Let’s face it. Blazing a new trail can be a lonely journey.


But you already know that because you are probably one of those trail blazers.

As a leader, author or entrepreneur, you know exactly what it’s like to invent a new movement, idea or product.

You’re intimately aware of the struggles and challenges that come along with blazing a new trail:

  • There are obstacles that prevent you from putting forth your best work or ideas

  • Criticism, rejection and setbacks make it mandatory that you develop deep reserves of resilience

  • Your endurance has to be plentiful since blazing a new trail requires a tremendous amount of fortitude.

  • Attracting investors, followers and customers seems to always take more energy and longer than you think.

  • You also understand that sometimes you may need some help to get you past a road block or barrier.

That’s why you value those unique insights that only someone who has lead community movements, authored books, invented new technologies and formed companies can provide for you.

I’m Jarie Bolander and I have been helping people just like you since 2006. Over the years, I have helped lots of people breakthrough their leadership, creative and entrepreneurial challenges to become better leaders, more productive authors and successful entrepreneurs.

As a leader, author and entrepreneur myself, I know what it’s like to organize people for action, publish on a deadline and grow a business from zero to hero sales.

Most resources on leadership, publishing and entrepreneurship are based on specific case studies of either wild success or absolute failures. That’s all fine and good but it does not really address the specific and nuanced needs that leaders, authors and entrepreneurs find themselves in every day.

That’s why targeted coaching can be of tremendous value to sort through all the noise to get at the real root of your leadership, writing or business challenges.

Since 2006, I have been leading local community groups and non-profits, created two successful blogs along with publishing two books and been involve with several startups — one of which got bought while another went public.

All of these experiences have taught me the unique challenges that leaders, authors and entrepreneurs face daily.

If you find yourself struggling to gain supporters, attract an audience or find customers, I can help by teaching you the proven social media and business techniques I have learned from some of the best thought leaders out there.

All of the techniques I teach, I have applied to my own organizational leadership, blogs or businesses.

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Coaching From Anywhere

All that’s required to work with me is a computer and an Internet connection.

I leverage email, Skpe and the web to coach clients all over the world. All we have to do is coordinate an hour to talk (I’m based in San Francisco, CA) and then I can help you tackle the challenges you face.

Sustainable Success Starts with Endurance

One think that I have found extremely useful for leaders, authors and entrepreneurs is to understand the dynamics between endurance, creativity and resilience that will lead to sustainable success.

I say sustainable success because one-off, fleeting successes will not do you any good in the long run. The most successful people I have coached are in it for the long haul.

They understand that success is a process and that never ends and are fine with incremental results that lead to bigger and longer lasting successes.

That’s why I stress this dynamic because it’s a vital part of ones ability to be successful over and over again.

How I Can Help

Some of the specific things I can help clients with fall into three main categories:

  • Achieve Goals: being able to set and achieve specific and realistic goals will lead to sustainable success

  • Be Productive: productivity leads to achievement but it’s also about doing the right things, at the right times, for the right reason.

  • Create Impact: we all want our ideas and creations to make an impact on society. That impact can be more meaningful if you build the right type of impact.

Achieve Goals

Specific and Realistic goals are the cornerstone of success. Without them, you will be adrift in the vast sea of mediocrity that will lead to endless frustration.

Goals are powerful because they allow you to break up complex problems into manageable pieces. Doing this not only makes progress a lot easier but it also gives you incremental successes that will give you that boost to continue to achieve.

Some of the most common goals I help clients achieve include:

  • Finding time to work on projects or be creative

  • Creating realistic and specific goals for projects

  • Promote your creative output

  • Effectively organizing a group or movement

  • Maintaining focus during meetings and discussions

  • Getting over the perfection fallacy

Be Productive

Distractions are everywhere and more and more so because of the Internet.

Getting rid of distractions so you can focus on what’s important will allow you to increase your productivity so that you can achieve more of your goals.

Some of the productivity techniques I share with clients include:

  • Heading off distractions and interruptions before they happen

  • Focusing fast on what’s important

  • Taming your inner critic

  • Leveraging the rework framework

  • Unlearn multi-tasking

Create Impact

Impact is what we all want to leave with our movement, prose or business. By leaving a mark on the world, we know that what we did matters to others. Creating an impact takes many forms. It can be the creation of a new community group, publishing a best seller or finding a need and filling it.

Whatever impact you want to make, it all starts with a clear vision of what that impact needs to be.

Some of the ways I can help clients make an impact include:

  • Leveraging social media to get the word out

  • Content strategies to get others to know, like and trust you

  • Finding the synergies between different groups

  • Defining your tribe

  • Being your own Chief Marking Officer (CMO)

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My Coaching Style

I used to volunteer with SCORE which is an all volunteer organization that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners. Through SCORE, I helped over 200 clients start, expand, focus or shutdown a business. What that taught me was some invaluable lessons about how to approach helping people. Some of those insights include:

  • Cater to the client: what might work for one client may be disastrous for another. It’s important to adjust your approach or methods based on the specific needs of the clients.

  • Focus is paramount: way too often, a client would come to me with too many ideas or overwhelmed with the problems that they faced.

  • Specific and realistic goals: goals are important but realistic and specific goals are the ones that really get done.

  • Have fun: workings towards objective should be more fun than drudgery. That’s one of the ways to keep you motivated to stick with it.

  • Sometimes, I can’t help: In certain circumstances, I could not help someone and that’s fine. Thankfully, I can usually tell within the first 30 minutes if the relationship can be beneficial.

  • Listen more than talk: most of the time, really listening to a clients issues or problems can provide deep and meaningful insights into solutions.

In addition to the wisdom above, the best client sessions have been when both of us are having fun blazing that new trail.

How Long Does it Take?

The number of sessions really depends on the project or challenge. Most clients feel on the right track and productive after one session but it can typically take up to four sessions to achieve some meaningful results.

I try and focus the discussion so we can set the goals so that each session will have a meaningful and tangible result. That has proven to be the best way to get and stay on track with even major projects or challenges.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each coaching session is 1 hour and costs $125. I do provide a discount on a pack of four. A pack of four sessions costs $400 (a $100 dollar savings).

I do provide a money back guarantee and will refund you fully if 30 minutes into our first session, I either can’t help you or we can’t work together.

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About Jarie

It's all good when you finally finish!I’m an engineer by training, entrepreneur by nature, and leader by endurance. I also know firsthand about the struggles of athletics and leadership since he has completed twelve triathlons and countless other endurance events (including two Goruck Challenges). I have also been involved with several start-ups and community groups where my ability to synthesize complex problems into actionable tasks has enabled me to endure and thrive.

I have also counseled over 200 clients for SCORE, an all volunteer organization that provides free coaching to entrepreneurs.








Client Testimonials

We began working with Jarie to coach us through the process of building NBA Player Gary Forbes’s teen diabetes resource Not only did he help guide us in creating the best possible website and resource, but he went above and beyond and helped us shape the entire strategy behind our goals and overall message to teens. Jarie is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and genuine, and I’d recommend him to anyone that is looking for a coach because he perfectly combines both business acumen, gut intuition and personal attention when working with his clients. — Jane Yin, CEO of JSY PR.
Jarie has been a mentor and advisor to me since we first started working together in late 2006. His patience and unique perspectives combined with his experience in small business operations and communication skills make him the ideal coach for someone like me who sometimes needs to step back from the daily pressures associated with being an entrepreneur and look at the situation from a different point of view. His knowledge and analysis I trust and respect. Time after time, I look forward to working with Jarie on shared projects as well as discussing and strategizing on individual ones; both professional and personal. — Marvin Raab, Principle at StartRun
Jarie has been and continues to be a key consultant to The RFID Network. The RFID Network has a tremendous amount of information about RFID and how to use it on the internet. As social media becomes more and more important, we need to extend the reach of our content into these expanding opportunities. Jarie is our key consultant for develop and then helping us execute our social media strategy. We have extended our reach into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets due to Jarie’s creative approach. While Jarie keeps us tightly focused on our goals, his patient style and ability to communicate clearly, makes it very easy to work with him. His knowledge of the various social and internet tools and how to use them effectively continues to help us find new and better ways to communicate to the RFID community and its customers. — Geoffrey Zawolkow, CEO The RFID Network, Inc.
Jarie has a unique blend of talents that make him an ideal coach. He understands business, and even more, he understands people. When I was stuck in my tracks, and didn’t know how to move forward on my project, Jarie helped me get me back on track right away. He helped me silence the inner critic, which let the book inside me start flowing again. — Gregory Marcus, PhD and Author of Busting Your Corporate Idols.

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