February 16, 2019

We Win Half the Endurance Battle the Moment we Start

We have been exploring having the guts and courage to start over the last several aha’s and now we come to why that’s so important.

Starting fills our endurance reserves. It’s the fuel that will sustain us through all the struggles we will face. We’ll talk more about that later but for now, just remember that half the battle to completing a goal is won the moment we take the plunge and start.

Starting Gives us Confidence

Confidence is a big factor in goal completion. We demonstrate the confidence in our abilities by taking action. This action will almost always be rewarded with the encouragement and help from others who now know we are serious about completing our goals.

By starting, we show the world we have the skills, guts, courage and stamina to go the distance even if we might think we don’t. It goes back to what we talked about in We are Never Fully Ready, Fully Prepared, or Fully Funded … so Just Start! — it’s perfectly okay to fake it a little bit to boast our confidence to get going.

Commitment is a Powerful Tool

Demonstrating that we are committed to a cause gives us a tremendous boost in both creditability and confidence that our goals will be achieved.

For me, the moment myself and others decided to help make Bay to Breakers “Fun for Everyone”, was a turning point in the event. Sure, there were plenty of doubters that we could pull it off but the moment we committed to the effort was the moment we found both the strength and endurance to see it through.

That “Fun for Everyone” effort continues to this day and is a testament to the power of enduring by simply starting.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Gather support: The more support an effort has before starting, the more likely it will endure on.

  2. Publicly commit: Make the start of the effort or project as public as possible. That way, others can get involved and hold the effort accountable and together.

  3. Don’t take no for an answer: Overcome the urge to stand idlly by not taking no for an answer. Eliminating all the no’s or cannot’s will resolve them right when you start.

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