November 21, 2018

We Set Our Own Pace when Overcoming Barriers. Forward Progress is all that Matters


It seems to me that there is a lot of pressure to make things happen quickly. Our fast paced world wants every problem, project or priority to be number 1. It can be down right maddening to feel all that anxiety to get everything done right away when you hit a barrier.

The Power of Perspective

This “get it done yesterday” mentality can be healthily if it instill a sense of urgency and not panic. It’s great to feel the urgency of solving problems or getting a project done. The problem occurs when that urgency turns into panic. Once panic sets in, all bets are off.

Having perspective about a barrier is of paramount important because not all barriers are created equal. Some questions to ask yourself when confronted with a barrier include:

  • How important is it to solve right away? Sometimes delaying resolving barriers will resolve themselves especially if it’s a dynamic environment where the barrier might be down one of many avenues to explore.

  • Is there a way around it? It’s better to bypass a barrier if possible because it takes less energy. Always look for alternatives.

  • What happens if you don’t remove the barrier? Some barriers are not that important or can be mitigated. Explore what would happen if the barrier was present and not dealt with.

  • Can the barrier be ignored for now? Akin to the first question but with a little more emphasis that the barrier will probably not go away. If this is the case, can you delay action until you either have the resources or energy to deal with it.

Answering these questions can reduce the level of panic while still maintaing urgency. Many a project, team and individual has cratered themselves because the urge to break through a barrier caused so much panic that they lost perspective on both priorities and how important the barrier really was.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Urgency not panic: Always have a sense of urgency but never panic. Panic will just make the situation worst.

  2. Set the tone: Don’t assume every barrier has to be dealt with right away. If it’s your barrier, then you need to set the tone to overcome it.

  3. Understand expectations: Sometimes the expectations are progress needs to be made quickly while other times, no one really cares. Make sure you understand what is expected — it will help a lot in setting proprieties.

  4. Communicate status: Even if progress is slow, make sure that whomever needs to know about progress, knows. Most of the time, that’s all that takes to quell the anxiety about overcoming the barrier.

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