November 21, 2018

We Can’t Succeed Unless we Start Down the Path to Success


The last aha in the Getting Started section sums up the real reason getting started is so important — success.

Successes will be few and far between if we just stay in our present status quo and not push ourselves to start. Success is a game of probabilities. The more we try, the higher the probability that we will be successful.

Success is Almost Random

There is a certain amount luck and randomness to success. The reason for this stems from the complexity of the world and the shear number of variables and influences that are out of our control.

Of course, hard work and intelligence matters but not as much as we are lead to believe.

Sometimes the accident of birth can determine our ultimate success instead of the amount of education or money we have.

Once we realize this, it’s then a matter of taking the opportunities that are given to us and doing something with them. This is where starting comes in.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

For the most part, there is an infinite well of possibilities available to us. Even the most desperate and despondent have some opportunity to improve their lot albeit the challenge to see it is harder.

One example of the power of possibilities is Barefoot College.

Everyone’s a Teacher and Everyone’s a Student

Barefoot College was founded in 1972. It’s mission is to provide solutions to rural Indian villages that originate from the village itself. By doing this, it creates sustainable infrastructure so that the knowledge can be captured, taught and carried on within the village instead of relying on outsiders.

It’s proven to be wildly successful.

Barefoot College shows that even those who are illiterate can be successful given a simple space and tools.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Take the opportunities given to you: It’s important that we seize the opportunities given to us since that will always lead to more opportunities.

  2. Define your own success: We define our success — not society. When we do this, it’s much easier to start down the path to success since we know our hopes and dreams are achievable by us.

  3. Small steps down the path: We don’t have to jump far in order to be successful. Sometimes just a small step will help move us forward. Those small steps will eventually lead to the big achievement.

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