December 12, 2018

We are Never Fully Ready, Fully Prepared, or Fully Funded … so Just Start!

Most of us make excesses about our capabilities and resources. Some of my favorite are:

  • I don’t have enough savings.

  • My kids are still in school

  • If I only had a degree

  • Just 2 more years till my stock vests and then I’ll start my new company

  • I’ll start getting into shape when the weather is better

Any of these sound familiar?

None of us is ever prepared to take on a new challenge no matter how much we plan, save or worry. The nature of doing something new, by definition, guarantees that.

Just Jump Already

Some of you probably read my post about Techniques For Jumping off a Perfectly Good Boat where I talked about what it’s like to escape from Alcatraz.

The first part of escaping from Alcatraz is to jump off the ferry boat into the frigid San Francisco bay. The absurdity and the spectacle of all the black wetsuit clad swimmers, who look like giant penguins, hesitating at the ferry door is only a little less absurd then when they finally hit the water and say “Hey, that was not so bad.”

That’s what we all have to tell ourselves when we start to make excuses for not being ready to start. Once you jump and start, it really won’t be that bad.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Write your excuses down: Like fears, excuses can be overcome if we acknowledge them. Once acknowledged, they no longer have the same amount of power over us.

  2. Fake it till you make it: Confidence can take us a long way if we allow ourselves to learn and grow while we make things happen. It’s perfectly okay to fake it a little to gain the experience and confidence to reach our goals.

  3. Take on an incremental task: Fund a part of your project or goal that you can afford and see how it comes out. It might be the spark that ignites more action.

  4. Admit you are not fully prepared: It’s okay to admit that we are out of our comfort zone when we first start. It may even attract other people to want to help.

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