November 21, 2018

Vineman Training Update #3 – Beaten Up But Not Broken

Sign outside Walden House That Reminds Us to Look Forward Not Backward

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday — Navy Seal Motto

Man, I’m I sick of training. Everything hurts especially my left shoulder. I couldn’t even swim today it was so soar.

Feel sorry for me. Well, don’t.

Today was a tough day of many tough days but it was also the point I turned the corner.

That corner was it’s worth the pain. It’s worth the struggle. It’s worth getting up early to run. It’s worth the soreness, cramps and fatigue. It’s all worth it because I’m doing it for me.

Like Joel’s post on not wanting to do wind sprints, he did them anyway. Not because anyone was looking. Not because he wanted to brag. He did those wind sprints in the cold and rain for him.

I’m about a month and a half away from Vineman. I’m nervous. I’m emotional. I’m pushing my limits but most of all, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it and not quitting.

For those of you who feel like quitting, don’t.

For those of you who struggle, keep going.

For those of you who can’t seem to find direction, choose a path.

Life is not easy. It’s full of struggles, setbacks, triumphs, heartbreaks and sorrows. It’s when we push past our limits and extend beyond ourselves that we appreciate that whatever path we take, we have to enjoy the journey — pain and all.