November 21, 2018

Vineman Training Update #2 – Roman Style Running

The other day I was on a training run and another runner passed me and said.

“Hey, you run Roman Style”


It took me a couple of moments to realize that he was referring to my sandals.

You see, I run in Teva Sandals — Men’s Hurricane XLT’s to be precise.

At first, people think I’m weird. How can you run in sandals? Why do you run in sandals?

Running in Sandals

My journey into sandal running started with the book Born to Run. I originally started running with Vibram 5 fingers but the fit was never perfect and I ended up hyperextending my toe (yeah, sounds hard to do but I did it).

Anyway, after I healed, I went back to shoes and found it to be horrible. So, I tried sandals and found that it gave me the same barefoot running stride without mashing my toes.

An added side effect of sandal running is that my feet never get cold. I’m not sure why. Maybe Cody Lundin has the answer (I remember that it has something to do with capillaries in your feet being conditioned to increase blood flow or something like that.)

One thing I also like about sandal running is that I don’t get black and blue toenails anymore. I used to get that all the time but now, my toes are beautiful (those are mine in the photo) and I don’t have to worry about broken nails or ingrown toenails.

In The Build Phase

Right now, I’m in the build phase where I will need to increase my overall training time. Most of that will be on the bike. Right now, I’m up to 3 hours on Saturdays with a two hour run on Sundays. This will peak at about 5 hours on the bike and a 3 hour run.

Onward to Vineman!

P.S. If you did not catch it, here is my first Vineman Training Update