November 21, 2018

To Endure is to go Over, Around, or Through Obstacles


Obstacles pop up all the time. They could be a missed deal, fatal bug, slipped deadline or failed venture.

All obstacles test our mental and our endurance. They typically happen at the most critical time in a project or venture.

Most of us pause too long at obstacles. We tend to let them reduce our momentum and that makes it harder to overcome them. By having an attitude that obstacles can be dealt with in many different ways, we allow ourselves to adjust our approach so we keep our momentum.

Jumping Through Hoops of Fire

Our inner critics will want us to stop when we see an obstacle. For them, an obstacle is a reminder that the safe and comfortable status quo is where we should be — not out on the fringe improving ourselves.

That’s why enduring through obstacles will feel like jumping through hoops of fire even though the obstacles might not be that bad or complex.

It’s imperative that whenever we face an obstacle, whether it big or small, that we overcome it anyway we can. By doing this, we quell our inner critics and not lose the momentum to achieve our goals.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Be flexible: Flexibility is the essential to deal with obstacles. The more flexible we are, the more options we have.

  2. Determine if you can delay: Sometimes delaying action may be the fastest way to overcome an obstacle. Don’t delay too long or the obstacle might solidify.

  3. Attack it in different ways: A obstacle might need multiple approaches to overcome since it may not be apparent which one will work. By trying several approaches we can see which ones are the most effective.

  4. Don’t stop trying: Obstacles may seem daunting but they are only daunting if we give up and stop trying. Never stop trying to overcome the obstacles in your way. It may take longer than you think but it’s well worth it.

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