November 21, 2018

Those who Endure Make Things Happen

Funding a project, starting a company or winning a contract can be as simple as having the will and determination to endure longer than your competition. The ability to endure reinforces the ability to start and be successful.

Think of being able to endure as “success breeds success” or “the will to keep at it” even when all may seem lost. Having that attitude will give us that little extra nudge to our ultimate success.

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In

A little later on in this series, we will talk about not giving up and not giving in to the pressures to quit when you have already started.

For now, that same mantra can also be applied to starting a new endeavor because it’s by constantly tackling the tough challenges that we can start down the path to success.

It’s this desire to makes things happen that ultimately pushes us to start more and endure more by not giving up or giving in to our inner critics desire to stay in the status quo.

Without this “making it happen” drive, it’s so easy to quietly languish in our status quo where our inner critics have full control of our emotions, attitudes and desires.

When we make things happen our inner critics quiet down and we can start down the road to eventual success.

Making Things Happen

Making things happen does not always mean accomplishing big goals or tasks. It’s more about doing the little things that lead to completing the big things. By having the “make it happen” mindset, we not only make incremental progress but we also create other opportunities by getting more things done.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Take action right away: Don’t wait to take action. If possible, deal with issues as they come up.

  2. Get permission to follow up: A lot of making things happen is follow up. Always try to get permission to follow up on tasks. It makes it a lot easier to get stuff done.

  3. Respond with timelines: If you can’t get to something right away, at least commit to a timeline. Timelines are great ways to bound a problem and they also keep you accountable.

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