November 21, 2018

The Two Simple Rules For Acheiving Goals


We talked about the importance of setting specific and achievable goals in this post The Two Simple Rules For Setting Goals. Now, let’s talk about the two most important factors in achieving those goals — accountability and encouragement.

Tell The World Your Goals

Accountability is a power motivator to achieve your goals because it gives you a reason beyond yourself to do well. It also keeps you honest as to what you said you would do and gives you that “gut check” that you are making progress towards your goals.

Specific and actionable goals with accountability will almost always get achieved.

When you tell the world, or just your family and friends, your goals, the goal then becomes bigger than you. Other people are now part of the goal and they now have a vested interested in its achievement. This vested interests leads to the 2nd factor in achieving a goal — encouragement.

You Can Do It

Encouragement to complete your goals can come in many forms. From the cheer of the crowd, a random forum post, a text message or email, all forms of encouragement is needed to give you that little nudge to keep going.

Encouragement also shows that your support network is strong and will not let you falter until your goal is achieved. This support will get you through those tough times when all seems lost.

Go On, Set and Achieve Some Goals

Ultimately it’s up to each and every one of us to set and achieve our own goals. If we make our goals specific and achievable as well as hold ourselves accountable and seek out encouragement, there is nothing we can’t do. Go ahead. Give it a try and see what happens.


One other thing to remember. Just because we finish a goal, does not mean our journey ends. We must constantly be setting and achieving goals. Don’t let short term success breed compliance behavior or you will be stuck in a rut forever.

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