November 21, 2018

The Courage to Finish is Trumped Only by the Audacity to Start

In order to finish, we have to start. That seems obvious. What’s not obvious or easy is starting down the path to finishing. In fact, the art of the start takes more energy, commitment and moxie than getting past the finish line.

Let me explain.

The Enemy of Starting

Inertia is the enemy of starting. We tend to want to stay in our present state even if we have the will to want to move in another direction. The energy to switch states is far more than just continuing down our present path. That’s the main reason starting is so hard — getting over the status quo inertia.

What feeds the status quo inertia equation is our inner critics. We have many inner critics that constantly sap our energy to change state. One such inner critic is failure.

Starting’s Nemesis

Failure is starting’s nemesis and one of our strongest inner critics. Failure puts so much doubt in our minds that generating enough energy to escape it’s galactic gravitational pull is almost as hard as escaping a black hole (well, maybe not that bad).

We feel this failure gravity anytime we attempt to start something new because our failure inner critic speaks up and makes us afraid to start.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Experiment with starting: Experiment with starting new things. Simple things like taking a class, writing 15 minutes a day or volunteering.

  2. Recruit a team: Starting inertia is best overcome with more energy. We can get more energy by recruiting a team to help us get going.

  3. Build momentum: Momentum is a powerful force that once built can help you escape failures gravitational pull. How do you think they launch space probes? They use planarity gravitational momentum to fling them on their way.

  4. Acknowledge the risks: One way to build both energy and momentum is to confront the risks of starting. This allows us to deal with the risks ahead of time which makes them less scary and requiring less energy to overcome.

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