November 21, 2018

The Anxiety we Feel is Not the Fear of Failing or the Ability to Endure—it’s the Courage to Start

Starting requires the courage to move beyond our fear of failing or not being able to endure.

The courage to start takes many forms.

It can be as simple as telling our friends about our ideas, signing a lease for our own cafe space or forming an LLC. Any act that moves our dream, goal or project forward takes a certain amount of courage.

This courage to start is needed because our inner critics are trying to hold us back. They want us to safely remain in the status quo so that everything is known, safe and comfortable for them. This status quo limbo land might make our inner critics happy but if we languishing there too long, it will sap our desire to push ourselves to start our next challenge.

Channel The Anxiety

Anxiety is our inner critics trying to derail us from starting. Anxiety is a sign that we need to be courageous by channeling it into action. By taking action, our anxiety will reduce and progress will be made.

Anxiety that turns into action will not only make progress but it will increase our courage to start more. When we build up our courage to start, it makes it easier to maintain our momentum. This starting momentum, once built, will be hard to reduce.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Write down what makes you anxious: By acknowledging what holds us back, we can tame the fear by facing it.

  2. Ask for help: Asking a friend for help will allow us to push forward just enough to really make progress.

  3. Seek professional help: A friend might not be enough to overcome the anxiety to start, so ask a professional coach or consultant to help you get started.

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