January 21, 2019

Starting is the Scariest Part

Starting. I dread it.

I think I have made up every excuse not to start something.

Too tired. Not enough money. Too busy at work. Too far away. I don’t have the right skills. Etc., etc., etc.

It should not surprise you that the first tweet in the book deals with the fear of actually taking action. It’s one of the most limiting factors we put on ourselves.

The Journey To Starting

Most of us talk ourselves out of starting a new project, task or goal because our inner critics tells us we might fail. This fear of failure scares us to remain in the status quo — our inner critics safe harbor.

The journey to starting is actually what prevents us from pushing past the resistance, fear, uncertainty, doubt, loathing and anxiety to take the plunge.

140 Reasons to Start

I decided to expand on the ahas in my book #ENDURANCE tweet Book 01 — A Little Nudge to Keep You Going as a way to help my readers understand what the ahas mean and give them ways to take action (see #ENDURANCE tweet Amplified! for details).

My anxiety about getting started on this (this is the first one) is that there are 140 of them. That’s a lot considering I want to write at least 250 − 350 words per aha (minus the headers and footer, 102 characters if you’re counting).

Doing the math, that’s:


140 * 300 = 42,000 words! Yikes. No wonder I’m scared to start.


Busting Through to Start

A good friend of mine, will call him Greg Marcus to protect his identity :), wanted to write a book about corporate idolatry. Being the smart guy that he is, he did what any budding author would do, he wrote a book proposal.

It turns out that it’s kinda hard to pre sell a book (even a good one like Greg’s) and rejection letter after rejection letter kept coming.

Instead of waiting for acceptance, Greg decided to just start writing his book. He’s actually blogging it which is a fantastic way to not only get it done but get valuable feedback.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Start small: Do something simple and quick to get over your fear of starting.

  2. Tell the world: Tell everyone what you want to do and tell them to hold you accountable.

  3. Feel the fear: It’s okay to acknowledge that you are scared. Feel it then let it go.

  4. Help someone else start: It’s really fun to see someone else start a project and it will give you the confidence to hopefully start your own.



This aha is from my book, #ENDURANCE tweet Book 01— A Little Nudge to Keep You Going. The book is chalked full of mantras, sayings, words of wisdom and encouragements to help you get past your challenges so you can achieve your goals. If you found this aha inspiring or helpful, then I would appreciate your support by sharing it with a friend and/or purchasing a copy of the book. If you missed any past amplified posts, check out the #ENDURANCE tweet Amplified! page. Thanks for reading and keep enduring!