November 21, 2018

Start Today. Waiting Until Tomorrow Will Not Make Things Any Easier

We talked a little about procrastination in the Stop thinking so much and just make it happen! aha. It’s a common problem to put off what you want to do today to some later date.

The classic dialog goes like this:


Friend: “I can’t wait to retire. Then I can travel, write more and finally do all the woodworking I want to do.”

Me: “Why don’t you start now?”

Friend: “I’m too busy with work and the kids and the PTA and the church group.”

Me: “I see but all those things make you really happy.”

Friend: “True but I’m so busy with work and the kids and fixing the house and …”

Me: “But you don’t seem happy. Why not adjust your life a little and be happy?”

Friend: “Well, I can’t because of my job, my kids, the PTA and the commute …”

Me: “Oh.”


Sound familiar?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this and it makes me sad that people don’t do what makes them happy.

Now, I’m as much to blame for this as anyone. I had the exact same attitude until I learned a valuable lesson from my grandfather.

I Can’t Wait to Retire

My grandfather was a doctor. He worked hard. He put his time in and neglected all the other things he wanted to do (like lecture, go to lectures, travel, etc.).

When he retired, he tried in vain to do all the things he said he wanted to do. He even attend a few lectures but had trouble understanding and following the fast paced speakers. His health started to deteriorate and after a while, he stopped and never went back.

That’s sad since he was really looking forward to contributing and learning new things. The lesson is simple — don’t make excuses, make the time.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Wake up early: Don’t have enough time. Try waking up early to start your next project or life goal.

  2. Limit your day job: Define clear limits to your day job or better yet, schedule down time to read, walk, work out or pursue a hobby.

  3. Spend 15 minutes a day: It does not take much to make progress on a project. As little as 15 minutes of dedicated time a day will do wonders.

  4. Join a group or club: Sometimes peer pressure makes us want to get going. Go ahead and join a group or club that interests you.

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