December 13, 2018

Start Breaking Bad Habits Now With Help From The Habit Project

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All of us have bad habits (including me) we want to break or better yet, good habits we want to start. The hardest part about breaking bad or starting new habits is overcoming the inertia of starting. Thankfully, professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano has created a great site called that gives you weekly tips, tools and support to get going down the path to better habits.

Start Where You Are

Sarah’s story is not unlike most of us. She had several bad habits including smoking 2 packs of Marlboro lights a day and working 90+ hour weeks in the financial industry. Sarah’s transformation came about on a dare and that dare significantly changed her life. The big idea that Sarah’s new site puts forth is that the transformative weekly challenges are simple for anyone to start. These challenges are further broken down into three sections: fitness, nutrition and life balance. These sections make sticking with the program simple and fun.

Contributors That Inspire, Challenges that Motivate

Sarah has assembled a fantastic mix of people to help chart your journey to better habits. From professional coach Matt Dixon of Purple Patch Fitness to Zoe Keller from OneBeetWellness, the list of contributors grows weekly and all have a wealth of experience and down to earth insights that make the challenges fun and informative. It’s also inspirational to read how these experts inspire, coach and mentor clients to achieve the outstanding results.

Accountability Encourages Follow Through

As most of us know, when in comes to training and life in general, having someone that you are accountable too leads to better results. Accountability enables us to have more skin in the game and also builds a support network that is vital to keep us on track. Through accountability and encouragement, we can develop habits that will stick with us for a lifetime. Sarah’s site is meant to not only give you advice but also keep you accountable by building a virtual support network to encourage you through tough times.

Nice Steady Pace

A steady pace is vital to creating better habits. Even better would be to stack habits so that you can reinforce little habits that build into big habits. The Habit Project takes the same approach with their weekly challenges centered around Sarah’s mantras. Each week has at least 3 ways to build skills and habits. The best thing is that it’s easy to jump right in even if you are just starting out.

What Habit Do You Want to Change?

Change begins by first, wanting to change and second, doing something about it. Starting to break bad habits and create new ones can be scary but once you start on the path to building better habits, you’ll start to quickly see a big difference. Check out  The Habit Project and start building better habits today!