November 21, 2018

Pushing on a barrier should deepen our resolve to move past it


Barriers are really things we fear.

If we are courageous enough to attempt to break through a barrier, then it’s an important barrier to overcome.

Barriers are our inner critics way of creating points of pause. These pause points are a way to test our mental and physical resolve to face adversity.

To some, barriers are annoying and frustrating. To those who change their attitude about barriers, these points of pause can turn into points of development and growth

Barriers Makes Us Stronger

That which does not kill us makes us stronger — Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche’s quote applies to all the barriers we face if and only if we become engaged enough to resolve to move past them.

It may seem a bit extreme, talking about being killed and all, but the metaphor is apt because we don’t have to physically die in order to kill our spirit.

Getting Into the Fight

Engagement with the barriers and struggles we face is the only way to keep our spirit from getting killed. Barriers keep us in the fight because they define who we are and what we are about. If we let them stall us or stop us, we can lose ourselves — which slowly kills who we are.

Everyday, we need to be fighting to push through our barriers so we can keep who we are intact. Without this fight to get better, we lose ourselves.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Acknowledge the barrier: Recognizing the barriers in front of us goes a long way to pushing them our of our way.

  2. Take action: The best approach is to take action. Action will make progress even if it proves to be backward progress. At least you’ll know that approach won’t work.

  3. Gather support: Once you take action, you may need support from others to overcome the barrier. Gather support whenever and whereever you can.

  4. Push hard: Barriers can only be removed if we push on them with determination and vigor. If it’s a big barrier, we may need to push harder than we have ever pushed before.

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