November 21, 2018

Overcoming Inertia is as Simple as Giving Ourselves Permission to Start


We touched a little bit on this idea of starting inertia in The Courage to Finish is Trumped Only by the Audacity to Start.

If you recall, inertia is starting’s public enemy number one.

It does take energy and commitment to overcome the status quo inertia and start. Even though starting inertia requires more energy than the status quo, it’s the permission to start that pushes us to use that built up energy reserve to get going.

The Power of Permission and Gratitude

Our inner critics will always try and derail our starting process. They want us to feel safe and secure in our anxiety that change is bad. By giving ourselves the permission to start, we bypass our inner critics because we made a decision to take action. Action releases our stored up energy and before our inner critic know it, we have started.

Permission also allows us to express gratitude to our inner critics for protecting us. This seems odd at first but as we discussed in Our Inner Critics, they are there to protect us but to also help us be our best and highest self.

Why Permission Works

It may seem even odder to have to give ourselves permission to start a project. I think that’s kinda weird given that we are debating with our inner selves. A battle you would think would be easy to win.

Well, it’s not.

Permission works because it’s a way to distance ourselves from the emotions of the situation. Think of it as your adult self telling your child self it’s ok to play more video games.

With that validation, we then feel less guilty about the potential consequences.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Give yourself permission: Again, this may sound strange but if you give yourself permission to start, it will go a long way. It’s powerful because it acknowledges and respects the risks.

  2. Create a checklist: Checklists are a great way to prepare to start. This also fits in nicely with permission in that you can tell yourself once the checklist is done, it’s time to start.

  3. Worst case scenario: Sometimes it’s good to think about the worst case scenario in terms of starting. This act can then make the consequences manageable because you have already figured out how to deal with them.

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