November 21, 2018

Our Only Real Barrier is our Negative Attitude Towards Them


We live in a negative world. To prove that, just look at the news.

Almost every news cast, report or story focuses on the negatives and hardly ever reports on the positive. Why is that?

Fixation on the Negative

We tend to remember the negative far more than the positive because negative emotions, feelings and experiences are more deeply processed in our brains.

This deep processing of the negative makes it hard to remember our positive experiences. This is why when we hit a barrier, we naturally tend towards the negative.

Breaking this cycle, by changing our attitudes, will allow us to take a more positive approach to barriers — an approach that will lead to quicker barrier removal.

Keep Positive or Remove the Negative

I remember reading some study that measured the affects of negative and positive people. It turns out that the negative has a 3-5 x more  impact (probably because of deep processing above) than the positive.

That means that you need 3-5 x more positive messages or people or attitudes than negative ones.

I think this is what saying “one rotten apple ruins the barrel” must have been eluding too — get rid of the negative and it’s much easier to make progress.

From my experience, this rings true. I can’t count how many times I have been in situations where one negative person saps the energy out of a room. It also seems that managers spend more time dealing with the negative employees than the positive ones.

That’s why it’s critical to remove those negative feelings or attitudes first before applying the positive — it’s just way more efficient and effective that way.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Remove the negative: Negative attitudes get amplified way more than positive ones. Work on removing the negative and the positive will be easier to achieve.

  2. Think of barriers as challenges: Part of removing the negative is to think of a barrier as a challenge which is a much more positive way of looking at them.

  3. Don’t complain: Complaining is negative. Instead, take action and do something about the barrier.

  4. Be positive but realistic: Being too positive does have it’s downsides especially if that positivity leads to actions that will turn out making the situation a net negative.

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