November 21, 2018

Never Let Lack of Money or Talent Get in the Way of Progress

We are smarter than we think.

Most of us don’t take action because we feel that we are not good enough, smart enough, liked enough or lucky enough to be successful. This attitude manifests itself in all sorts of excuses not to start.

One Red Paperclip to a House

Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald bartered his way from a red paperclip to a house. Talk about not letting lack of money or talent get in the way of progress.

Now, Kyle owns his own company that takes ideas and turns them into interesting projects. This is the great thing about the Internet — the barrier to entry is pretty low and frankly, you really don’t need much talent to put up something interesting — like Red Paperclip’s idea for Self Employee of the Week/Month. Really, I could of thought of that :)!

Money Does Not Equal Success

It’s take little money to actually launch off on our dreams. Sure, if we want to own an airline, we might have a problem. In general, most of us can get enough money together if we prioritize what we truly want and don’t let money hold us back.

The 100 Dollar Startup

Chris Guillebeau’s book The 100 Dollar Startup is full of examples of people who started their own business for around $100.

My favorite is John Morefield who put out a sign at the Seattle farmers market that read “5-Cent Architecture Advice.” For the cost of a sign (and some creativity), this unemployed architect got significant buzz on CNN, NPR and BBC. All that exposure lead to John starting his own architecture firm and being a self-employed architect. See, a little creativity and a sign go a long way. I’m sure he has talent but sometimes talent can’t get you there without a little creativity and action.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Look at what you have: Do you really need that new TV or the latest gadget in the Sky Mall? Probably not. Be thankful for what you have and good things will eventually come.

  2. Figure out what we really need: Our needs are pretty basic. If we start to really think about what we really need to be happy, we would be surprised at how much extra cash that can open up.

  3. Save a little by spending a little less: Saving to eventually launch our ideas is a great way to focus on making it happen.

  4. Tap into a cross over strength: We all have strengths that can cross over into other areas. For example, good with people, then maybe you can be a tour guide.

  5. Offer genuine value: Five cents for architecture advice is a deal and a genuine value. Offer something good and people will eventually pay for it as long as they know, like and trust you.

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