December 12, 2018

My Next Impossible Goal — Diablo Trails 50k


“Anyone can quit and be defeated – but a winner will never quit and always keep striving for more” — David Goggins

My next impossible goal will be to finish a 50k. That’s a little over 31 miles.

The one I have chosen is the Diablo Trails 50k, which benefits Save Mount Diablo, a non-profit that strives to preserve all of Mount Diablo (presently, only half is a nature preserve). They have been doing this for over 40 years. Funnily enough, they were formed in 1971, the year I was born. How fitting that my first 50k benefits an organization as old as I am :).

A Different Kind of Race

Training for this race will be a lot different than Vineman or the Goruck Challenge (Class #306).

As my friend Tony “Endorphin Dude” Nguyen commented in his Endurance Chronicles interview:

1/2 Marathon and a Full Marathon are all athletics. Anything beyond that is all mental — Tony “Endorphin Dude” Nguyen.

The challenge with the Diablo Trails is that it’s a trail run which means that my normal marathon pace, which hovers around 4 hours, will extend out a bit.

The last time I did a trail run was the Muir Woods Half Marathon, which took me a little over 3 hours to complete.

Training Plan

I’m thinking that the key to finishing Diablo is to pace myself slower than my normal marathon time. To do that, I’m going to focus on longer, slower runs or rucks which conditions my body to sustain movement for long periods of time (like 4+ hours).

I’m also going to be doing another Goruck challenge on March 9th which is usually 12+ hours of Good Livin’ followed by Fight for Air Climb on March 23rd. Both of those will be a good gut check for the April 20th Diablo Trails.

I’ll also throw in some strength and sprint work outs to increase my muscle strength.

What that looks like each week is as follows:

  • Monday — Rest or Stretching

  • Tuesday — Running or Swimming

  • Wednesday — Circuit Training (5 x 5, etc)

  • Thursday — Running

  • Friday — Circuit Training ( 5 x 5, etc) or Swimming

  • Saturday — Circuit Training ( 5 x 5, etc)

  • Sunday — Long run or rucking or sleeping

A Lot of Help And Motivation From Friends

Joel Runyon, over at the Impossible HQ, finished the Chicago Ultra Marathon and wrote a great post about it.

I’m just a little competitive with Joel (I’m not even sure he knows that :)) since we have the same can do, nothing is impossible kind of attitude and he is trying to make a dent in the universe.

I’m also part of Goruck NorCal who are a great bunch of Gorucktards who motivate each other to push hard and play even harder. No one exemplifies Good Livin’ like they do.

What About You?

What races or events are you doing this year? It does not need to be anything extreme to make a difference. Just pick something and do it.