December 12, 2018

My Next Impossible Goal — A Goruck Challenge

A lot of people have asked me, how do you top finishing an Ironman?

I asked myself that same question and barring signing up for another one (I’m working on that), I decided to try something completely different — a Goruck Challenge!

Good Livin’

I first got turned on to the Goruck Challenge by Joel Runyon over at Impossible HQ.

Basically, a Goruck Challenge is a group endurance event where about 30 of your soon to be closest friends get assigned a mission. Over a 12 hour period, you push your limits of physical and mental endurance to complete it. It’s modeled after special forces training with a Cadre that leads the group.

It’s their idea of Good Livin’.

Pushing Your Limits In a Different Way

The exciting and scary part about a Goruck Challenge is that it’s a group event. I’m mostly used to doing my own thing (triathlon’s are you against you) so this will be the chance to see how I can endure with a group of people that are counting on you to pull your own weight.

Helps You, Helps Them

Part of the attraction of the Goruck Challenge for me is that it pushes you in ways that solo sports just can do. By being a part of a team, you not only have to pull your own weight but you have to help your fellow team mates as well. This esprit de corps has a magic to it that’s hard to explain.

Another great thing about the Goruck Challenge is that they donate a portion of your entrance fee goes to The Green Beret Foundation. These brave soldiers are an essential part of our ability to have a thriving democracy.

Can’t Wait To Get It Done

The Goruck Challenge I signed up for is in San Francisco on Nov 3rd, 2012 at 1:00am. It should be a beautiful night.

One resource I have found particularly helpful in terms of training advice was this post by Leo Babauta over at Zen Habits.

It’s got a lot of great training tips and a suggestion on a minimalist trail shoe (since I run in sandals. Probably not a good idea for the challenge).

To say I’m not just a little freaked out about this would be to lie. I’m downright scared but really excited to give it a go. I’ll post some additional training tips and a challenge report. Wish me luck!