November 21, 2018

Making Progress Can be as Simple as Having the Guts to Start


We all want to make progress on our goals but sometimes it feels like progress is an elusive muse.

Our progress muse usually leaves us when we talk about making progress instead of actually doing something.

All the progress talk in the world does not move us forward. It takes determined action to push, cajole or shove our project or effort forward.

Are You Going to Run?

My good friend London is running for District 5 supervisor in San Francisco. Supervisors are the legislative arm of San Francisco’s government.

Before she decided to run, there was the usual “testing the waters” phase where she would talk to potential supporters about whether or not they would support her. During her “testing the waters” time time, several other candidates had entered the race. These candidates were raising money since declaring is the only legal way to do so. Unfortunately, money is an important part of running for public office and London had to decide quickly whether or not to run since time was ticking away.

I can tell you by observation that being a political candidate is both tough and scary. It consumes all your time and supporters want to know if you can endure the long days and nights. If London was going to make any real progress, she had to decide — am I going to run?

Pulling Papers

London decided to go for it and with great fanfare, pulled papers. Pulling papers is the official act of declaring your candidacy. It shows you are real. It also allows you to raise the needed funds to build your campaign. Taking the plunge took guts and that’s what supporters wanted to see in order to support her.

Progress Can be Scary

Any kind of progress towards a goal can be scary. Taking that first leap or incremental step takes guts because it makes you vulnerable and open to failing.

Progress can only be achieved by action. No amount of talking, consulting, thinking, hand wringing or worrying is going to make an ounce of progress. The only way to progress is to start doing something.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Take the plunge: Throw caution to the wind and go for it. You will never know unless you try.

  2. Live in the moment: Don’t worry about the past or future. Just be in the here and now. That will allow you to just do it.

  3. Build a bridge: The connections we make with others can help us make progress. Reach out to people and build those bridges to help you make progress.

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