November 21, 2018

Learn to Zig and Zag and You’ll Find Barriers Few and Far Between


Adaptability is a good trait to have. Organisms that adapt to their changing environments are far more likely to survive than those who don’t.

Adaptation is at the heart of zigging and zagging around barriers. By adapting to our changing environment, we can overcome barriers before they become barriers.

Be Intellectually Curious

It’s sad when I hear that people have turned off their brains and became comfortable with the dogma they subscribe too. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Why is that a disaster waiting to happen? Because it cuts off your ability to zig and zag.

Impossibly Popular

Joel Runyon runs a fantastic site called ImpossibleHQ which is a collection of sites and services to help us do the Impossible.

Joel likes to set impossible goals for himself and one that ignited his popularity was his post on Obtaining Six Pack Abs.

This single post got more than 500,000 hits in one day and completely crushed his hosting service. Talk about an opportunity to zig and zag.

Not only did Joel overcome the increased traffic barrier by reacting quickly, he used it to increase his reach by guest posting on his experience with going viral.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Continuous learning: We will never know when we’ll have to zig and zag. That means we always have to be ready to react. The best way to do that is to continuously learn about things that might be valuable at some point.

  2. Challenge conventional wisdom: Conventional wisdom hardly ever solves new and complex problems. Only by looking outside conventional wisdom do we find the means to zig and zag around barriers.

  3. Push your limits: If we constantly push our limits then zigging and zagging will be both natural and expected when we encounter barriers.

  4. Look for cross over: Akin to challenging conventional wisdom, learn about other seemingly different areas. This cross over knowledge (e.g. Applying quantum physics to the free market) can make zigging and zagging around barriers a lot easier.

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