November 21, 2018

Impossible Challenge — Freak Frogman Plus Selection Part 2 — 30 Day Assessment


For the past 30-days, I have been doing the Freak Frogman Workout program by Brad McLeod over at Seal Grinder PT. If you missed my initial assessment, you can see that here. I decided to try it out to mix it up a bit and to see how I would perform againest a standard.

Freak Frogman Workout Assessment

Overall, it’s a great program full of challenging workouts that really push you to the limits. To be honest, I did not do all the workouts due to scheduling and ability (the pull-up workouts really sucked and I struggled to get through them) but I’d say I followed the program about 85% of the time.

My plan is to incorporate the Freak Frogman Workouts into my overall fitness program because I feel that they really challenge me to push past my limits, they are fun and who doesn’t dream of being a Navy Seal :)!

Mixing It Up Makes Training Interesting

The thing I really like about Freak Frogman is that it has a lot of variety and dedicated rest days (active recovery) that makes it easier to absorb training. As I talked about in other trainings posts, rest and recovering are vital to absorbing your training and preventing injury.

If I was to pick my favorite workout, it would have to be the SGPT Filthy Fifty workout. That workout really pushed me outside my comfort zone and kicked my ass. My time was horrible but I finished and sometimes, that’s all that matters.

30 Day Assessment

In my initial baseline assessment, I mentioned that I would do both BUD/S and Selection minimums on different days but as I thought about it, I figured why not do both. So for the 30 day assessment, I combined the two and came up with the following (Note: A 2 minute rest is inserted in-between events):

  • Swim 500 Yards: Using the Combat Swimmer Stroke, sidestroke or breast stroke. The cut-off time is 12 minutes 30 seconds (BUD/S minimum)

  • Pull-ups: 8 is the minimum with no time limit. No “kipping” (BUD/S minimum)

  • Push-ups: 55 is the minimum in 2 minutes (Selection minimum)

  • Sit-ups: 65 is the minimum in 2 minutes (Selection minimum)

  • 5 Mile Run: Cut off time is 40 minutes (8:00 pace. Selection Minimum)

  • 12 Mile Ruck: With 45 pound ruck (excluding food and water). Cut off time is 3 hours and 30 minutes (17:30 pace. Selection Minimum)

I figured that by doing the maximum of the minimums (say that 10 times fast) at the same time would be a good test of overall fitness. My performance after 30-days is as follows:

  • Weight: 186 (+2 pounds. Too much Turkey)

  • Swim 500 Yards (Breaststroke): 10:04 (met)

  • Pull-ups: 6 (Off by 2. Improved by 2)

  • Push-ups: 44 (Off by 11. Improved by 7)

  • Sit-ups: 51 (Off by 14. Improved by 9)

  • 5 Mile Run: 38:13 (met)

  • 12 Mile Ruck: 3:24:34 (met)

Overall, not bad for a 42 year old triathlete. I think I’d would actually pass the minimums for all services for my age grouping.

Know the Why

As I did the Freak Frogman workouts, I was reminded what Coach Brad talks a lot about which is knowing the “Why” as in why you want to achieve what you want to achieve. That’s probably the most important aspect of any type of training because it’s the”why” that will get you through the struggles and hardships that will happen on whatever path you find yourself on.

Knowing the why was the best lesson that Freak Frogman Workout taught me. Without the knowing the why, life is just a series of haphazard events until you die. This is also an important part of building and sustaining healthy habits, which is one of the cornerstones of my The Endurance Habit Class.

For me, the why is to push myself outside my comfort zone to see what I can achieve if I put my mind to something. That why has driven me to achieve pretty much everything I have ever achieved.

Am I Ready for BUD/S or Selection?

Not at all and the numbers show it. One thing that’s obvious is that the endurance events (swim, run and ruck) are my strong suits and the strength events (push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups) need work.

If this taught me anything it’s that it takes more than 30-days to effectively train for anything. It took me over 13 weeks to train for an Ironman and that was just to finish.

Even if you have a solid baseline to work from, it can be a challenge to have that baseline translate to other events but it does help. One thing that’s important to realize is that you need to train for what you will face. Cadre Bert’s Selection training story highlights this perfectly. You really need to condition your body for the challenges it will face. BUD/S and Selection are two very difference events and training for one may not help training for the other.

I will say that cross-training can and does help your overall fitness because it pushes your body in different ways and lets muscle groups rest and recover so that you can absorb your training more effectively.

Moving Forward

I’m pretty happy with the Freak Frogman Workout and how it pushed me past my comfort zone. I think I’ll incorporate the modified baseline assessment into my workout routine to see how I perform over time. Assessment is an important part of physical fitness and while I’m not as hardcore as my friend Troy, who tracks his performance down to the calorie. Checking in with how you perform every once in a while can be really valuable to assess how effective your training program is.