November 21, 2018

Having the Will to Succeed Works Only if we Take Action

Big dreams. We all have them.

The will to be a successful author, business owner, singer, dancer or poet gives us motivation but without action, nothing will happen.

I’m sure by now you can see a recurring theme in these first aha’s — action is the only thing that gets us started.

It’s imperative that we have the will to want to succeed but that is not sufficient. Will alone does not make anything happen — determined action makes things happen.

Jumping From Will to Action

Our desires to be successful come from many places. Our families, society, friends, bosses or co-workers all contribute, in some way, to what we want to achieve. This can be a big problem if the will to succeed is not our own.

When our desires are the desires of others, we may think that our will is strong and that we can conquer the world.

Not so fast.

Our will needs to be our own. We need to know, deep in our gut, that we are committed and have the will to carry through to the end. This is the only way to endure struggles and hardships to be successful.

Even if the will is our own, it can be influenced by the people around us and prevent us from taking action.

Jumping from will to action requires us to search deep within ourselves to make completely sure that it’s our will, not the will of others, that is driving us.

Once we determine that, then we will have the confidence to take action.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Gut Check: Check your gut instinct. Is it telling you that this is what you want to do or are you being influenced by others?

  2. Incremental steps: Take a small step towards your goal. Nothing too scary — just enough to make some progress. How did it feel? Is your will still strong?

  3. Jump right in: Be bold and go for it. Jump right in and see what happens. That may be the best way to break free of whatever is holding you back.

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