November 21, 2018

Goruck Challenge SF: Training Update #5 — Endurance

I’m really starting to hate sand. The stuff is everywhere in my apartment. I can’t vacuum enough to get rid of it all. I’m definitely losing the sand management fight — it’s more like an invasion. Can I get an airstrike over here? Sometimes, I think sand has more endurance than I’ll ever have. Argh!

Another Brick in the Ruck

This weeks brick is endurance.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I have to talk about endurance. I mean, come on, it’s in the site’s name.

Endurance is all about finishing when finishing seems impossible. This challenge will require a tremendous amount of endurance to finish. It’s going to be one major mental and physical challenge after another.

The best part about a group challenge is that everyone is in it together. That reinforces a esprit de corps that transcends the individual and allows us to endure more than we can alone.

Although endurance, at times, is an individual thing, there is a certain comfort in knowing that each and every one on the team needs to endure just as much as I do. It’s also motivating to know that the team depends on you to pull your own weight.

Went it Alone Today

Today, I got up early and went hiking by myself, with my ruck, up Twin Peaks with a brief stop at Corona Heights for some PT (push-ups mixed with carrying my ruck, strap-less, up and down to the Corona Heights summit).

On the Twin Peaks summit, the fog was blowing so hard that it nearly knocked me over. At one point, it was almost a white out.

This is the most time I have had the weight on my back and it just beats me down. I need to find a way to stop focusing on the pain and put one foot in front of the other. Hills don’t help this feeling at all. Up or down, it doesn’t matter — it all sucks.

This Weeks Assessment

  • I need to spend more quality time with weight on my back. That’s going to be the hardest to endure.

  • I miss the esprit de corps of a group training session. Having others around pushes me to suck it up and get through my physical and mental barriers.

  • Staying healthy and injury free is a priority. I should keep up the intensity but maybe reduce the stress on my joints. I can really feel how the weight is putting stress on them.

This post is the fifth in the series about my training for the Goruck Challenge on November 3rd 2012 in San Francisco. Each time I add a brick to my pack, I’ll name it and post a training update (there’s 6 total). If you missed the first four, you can check them out below:

If you are interested in doing your own Goruck Challenge, check out the site here. Ten dollars from the entry fee goes to The Green Beret Foundation to help our wounded, ill and injured special forces soldiers. Here’s to Good Livin’!