December 13, 2018

Goruck Challenge SF: Training Update #4 — Confidence

Modern civilization owes it’s existence to beer.

Without beer, the pyramids would not have been built, vast oceans would not have been charted and we would still be stuck in the dark ages.

This training session Dan and Jon, two fellow gorucktards (Brilliant name. Someone needs to tell me the story about that), added yet another reason civilization owes a debt to beer — it’s the perfect endurance fuel. Both these guys make the hash house harriers look like teetotalers. 🙂

I’m telling you right now, beer and exercise don’t mix well with me. I have a hard enough time working out hungover (BTW, it’s good practice for endurance events — at least I keep telling myself that).

Dan expounded the health benefits of beer saying that it’s the perfect endurance food. I fact checked him (I could not resist) and he’s actually half right.

One can of beer (%DV) has Riboflavin (5%), Niacin (9%), Vitamin B6 (8%) and Protein (3%). It has zero fat and contains Magnesium (5%), Phosphorus (5%), Potassium (3%) and Sodium (1%).

It’s not a super food like Chia (Fair is fair Robert, I had to check) which in an ounce packs 137 calories (an ounce of beer only contains 12 calories). Weight for weight, Chia is much better but clearly not as much fun or as entertaining as a couple of drunk gorucktards (Someone needs to copyright that).

Confidence Not Cockiness

The next brick is confidence because this training session was a big confidence boost for me. It was grueling and totally different than last week (thanks Esme and Nick for putting us through the paces) but it gave me a better sense of how I handle the different types of stresses that a challenge will put me through.

I’m confidence in that I have a good shot at finishing but not cocky that I can slack off. I still need to put the training in and specifically work on my upper body strength (Jon was doing pull-up’s where he would switch grips after each one, all while drunk. Esme did pull-ups while wearing two rucks. Man, I felt like such a pussy watching them).

Confidence is also important so that I don’t second guess my abilities. This event is so much different than any triathlon or anything I have done before. I can’t get discouraged when I come in last place on those stupid crab crawls. Man, I really hate those things. They should be banned under the Geneva convention as cruel and unusual punishment.

This Weeks Assessment

  • The wet suit rash guard was a stroke of genius. Thanks Troy for the inspiration.

  • Water was not an issue this week. I need to experiment with Dave’s advice on Pedialyte. I’ll look into that this week.

  • My bear crawls were much better but my crabs still suck. I might get some wrist supports like Nick. It should help to stabilize them.

  • I’m glad I have a ruck with a sternum strap and a waist belt. I switched rucks with my battle buddy for the day Jai and you can feel the difference. I was impressed that Jai sprinted to catch the lead guys with my 6 brick ruck.

This post is the forth in the series about my training for the Goruck Challenge on November 3rd 2012 in San Francisco. Each time I add a brick to my pack, I’ll name it and post a training update (there’s 6 total). If you missed the first three, you can check them out below:

If you are interested in doing your own Goruck Challenge, check out the site here. Ten dollars from the entry fee goes to The Green Beret Foundation to help our wounded, ill and injured special forces soldiers. Here’s to Good Livin’!