November 21, 2018

Goruck Challenge SF: Training Update #3 — Pace

I gave in and bought some Merrell Trail Gloves to replace my Teva’s. They’re barefoot style trail running shoes.

I’m glad I did.

The first dip in the ocean, my shoes came untied. With Teva’s, they would have probably come off.

What I did not appreciate till today was that form fitted shoes are a Godsend. They won’t rub as much as Teva’s and will stay nice and snug on my foot. It’s probably also better for sand management.

Take Your Time But Hurry Up

Today’s brick is pace. Pace is an important part of a Goruck and something I need to work on.

As David put it, the young guys will charge ahead and wear out while the older, wiser guys will set a consistent pace. That’s solid advice since I guess I’m one of those old guys — forty-one is the new twenty-one right :)!

The thing about a group challenge is that you can’t get behind the rest of the team. The GRC vet’s were telling us stories about when the team leaves someone behind and it’s no fun. It’s going to be interesting to see how the entire team deals with this.

Today, my pace was slower than the rest and I need to step it up to keep up with the hard chargers. I’ll be working on that more this week (see below).

Sand Management

Every crack, crevasse, orifice, nook, cranny, body opening and piece of clothing was covered with sand. There is sand where I can’t even feel it, see it, shake it off or wash it off.

There is no way you can prevent this. Every time you go in the water, sand will consume you and permeate every square nanometer of your body. Combine that with the salt and you get the perfect sand cement. It’s like the stuff is magnetic and I’m a chuck of Iron.

Managing the sand is going to be a challenge (Hat tip to Troy for the Sand Management line) but thankfully, that the least of my problems.

Things to Work On

This is nothing like an Ironman so I need to adjust my training schedule and spend more time with the ruck on my back. Revelations today include:

  • I suck at the crab and bear crawl thing. Those really, really suck.

  • I drained my water bladder after like 2 hours. Not good at all (I dehydrate easy).

  • Tighter fitting shirt is a must. Maybe I’ll use my wetsuit rash guard.

This post is the third in the series about my training for the Goruck Challenge on November 3rd 2012 in San Francisco. Each time I add a brick to my pack, I’ll name it and post a training update (there’s 6 total). If you missed them, the updates that are done so far are listed below:

If you are interested in doing your own Goruck Challenge, check out the site here. Ten dollars from the entry fee goes to The Green Beret Foundation to help our wounded, ill and injured special forces soldiers. Here’s to Good Livin’!