November 21, 2018

Fear is a Noble Motivator When it’s the Spark that Ignites Action

Fear has been with us for a long, long time. It’s a primitive emotion that protects us from danger. Nowadays, most of the fears that trigger our fight or flight reaction are not life threatening at all.

As I mentioned in Stop Thinking so Much and Just Make it Happen!, we live in a relativity safe world where society has pretty much mitigated most life threatening situations but this primal fear still rules our lives.

Irrational Fears

Most of our fears are irrational in terms of life and death but real within ourselves. One fear that most people have is the fear of public speaking.

A full 74% of people fear speaking in public. They are literally scared to death to speak in front of a crowd. Clearly, that’s irrational since public speaking almost never leads to death (unless you are a revolutionary).

I Hate Needles

One thing that I’m afraid of is needles. I literary turn white when I have to give blood. This is a totally irrational fear but every time I need to give blood, I get anxious and dread the moment the needle pricks me.

I’m not even sure why. I think it has something to do with draining the lifeblood out of me, which I know won’t happen.

Motional Fear and Respect

A little fear is good since it keeps us humble and hungry to be our best. If we are totally fearless, then we can get sloppy and either perform poorly or get hurt.

Fear needs to be respected and used as a motivational force to ensure that we are prepared for whatever challenge we are taking on. Without respect, be it for our foe or the environment, we get cocky and satisfied — two dangerous states to be in.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Channel the fear to action: We can use fear to motivate us to get better if we understand why the fear exists.

  2. Know the odds: Humans have a hard time rationalizing the odds of an event happening. Understand the odds and your fears will diminish.

  3. Be respectful not fearful: Instead of being fearful, respect what causes you fear. That way, it will seem a little less scary.

  4. Face your fears in a safe place: A supportive environment is a great way to get over your fears since if you need help, it’s readily available.

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