November 21, 2018

Every Second we Make Progress, Another Barrier gets Knocked Down


Progress is a beautiful thing.

Anytime we make progress, we not only feel better but we chip away at any potential barriers. The reason this occurs is because barriers will always rear their ugly head if and only if we allow them.

By making progress, we reduce the frequency and severity of our barriers.

Progress is the ultimate barrier removal tool because it creates momentum that will allow us to hit a barrier head on without having to pause.

Running The Sahara

I think one of the craziest things I have ever seen was the 3 runners who ran across the sahara. These guys are nuts. Actually, nuts does not even do it justice. It’s simply crazy, yet inspiring!

Charlie, Ray and Kevin had to endure a tremendous amount of hardships to make it across the Sahara. These hardships were every thing from severe blisters to not being allowed to cross certain countries. Every single one of these barriers could have stopped them from completing their quest. Every single one of these barriers was a show stopper yet they just kept going.

Every step. Every hour. Every day they made progress and made sure that any and all barriers they ran into got knocked down.

Charlie, Ray and Kevin used progress as a powerful barrier removal technique. They demonstrated that making any kind of progress is good progress as long as it moves your effort forward — even if it means going backwards or zigging and zagging around unfriendly countries.

Ways to Take Action

  1. Make things happen: We talked about this in the Getting Started ahas and it’s just as true for barriers. Strive to make things happen. Movement is better than being stagnate.

  2. Don’t Pause: One thing that most endurance athletes try to avoid is stopping. Once you stop, starting takes an extreme amount of effort. When confronting a barrier, try not to pause. Rather, still try and make progress.

  3. Just keep moving: Akin to not pausing, movement is always the best option even if it’s backwards. Movement makes things happen — even backward movement.

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