November 21, 2018

A Barrier is an Opportunity to Learn How to Jump


Continuing on the We Create and Destroy our Own Barriers theme, this aha puts forth a different type of attitude about barriers — that they are growth opportunities.

When we take a more positive attitude about the struggles, obstacles and barriers we need to overcome, we start to change our attitudes about them. This attitude adjustment makes it a lot easier to endure all sorts of struggles because we now welcome a challenge instead of being discouraged by them.

A 1,000 Words A Day

One of the reasons I choose to write this series (recall, I’m amplifying all 140 tweets or ahas in the book) is because I wanted to write a 1,000 words a day (I’m about 10 days in and so far so good).

The barriers that pop up on this 1,000 word a day journey are many. The biggest one is finding ideas and stories to showcase as examples.

Now, I have plenty of stories to tell but for some reason, staring at the blank screen, they tend to be elusive.

So that’s why I have taken a slightly different approach to overcoming the story barrier — themes.

I use themes to craft my stories for each section of the book (this section is Breaking Through Barriers). By thinking of themes instead of stories, I can get around the barrier of having to think of a story mid writing session.

Instead, I just jot down the theme, keep going and fill in the story later. I do the same for the Ways to Take Action section. It’s actually kinda hard to come up with original ways to take action :).

Ways to Take Action

  1. Leave placeholders: It’s okay to come back to a problem as long as you leave a placeholder for the solution.

  2. Throwaway work: Sometimes it makes sense to just do something that you know won’t be used. This throwaway or practice work is a great way to get new and creative ideas flowing.

  3. Idea bucket: I keep an idea bucket (not literally. It’s a file of story ideas) so that when I hit a barrier or block, I can look over the idea bucket to find inspiration.

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