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A Some Point, It's All Mental

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory. — William Barclay


Go to a marathon, triathlon, Goruck, swim meet or walk-a-thon. Take a look at the people that participate.

Soak in the energy. Join in and cheer the athletes on as they run, walk, skip, sprint or even crawl. Notice the determination. Notice the commitment. Notice the passion.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to do that?

How Come Some Endure While Others Don’t?

Endurance has two sides — physical and mental.

The physical side of endurance deals with how we condition our bodies to do certain movements. This physical side of endurance is pretty easy to obtain — it’s as simple learning and training our bodies to perform whatever task we need to do.

The mental side is a whole other story.

Part of our ability to physically endure has a tremendous amount to do with our mental endurance.

All those people that participate in those endurance events figured out how to endure from within.

They took on a physical challenged by not only training their bodies but also their minds.

Those that did not mentally prepare for the event will either quit or have a hard time breaking though the mental barriers that always pop up.

Every single one of them, at some point, wanted to give up but they endured on because they developed their mental endurance.

It’s All Mental

EnduranceLeader.com is about teaching you the tips, tools and techniques to mentally endure the struggles and hardships you may face both in sports and in your daily life.

By learning to mentally endure, you can the hardships and struggles you face to the glory of achievement and accomplishment.

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Thanks for reading and keep enduring!