April 18, 2014


Heavy 2.0 — Ed’s Valentine’s Day Massacre

A Guest Post by Ed Shelton This post is an AAR from Ed Shelton who did the first Heavy 2.0 (Heavy 026) in Dallas, TX on 14th February 2014. Thanks Ed for sharing GoRuck Heavy 026 started in Dallas, TX at 6:00pm on February 14.  It was the first Heavy to run under Cadre Dan’s Heavy […]


Impossible Challenge — Freak Frogman Plus Selection Part 2 — 30 Day Assessment

For the past 30-days, I have been doing the Freak Frogman Workout program by Brad McLeod over at Seal Grinder PT. If you missed my initial assessment, you can see that here. I decided to try it out to mix it up a bit and to see how I would perform againest a standard. Freak […]


Impossible Challenge — Freak Frogman Plus Selection Part 1: Baseline

Starting on Nov 4th, 2013, I decided that my next impossible challenge would be to do Brad McLeod’s Freak Frogman Workout program. The Freak Frogman Workout is a 30 day program that is meant to prepare you for BUD/S (Seal Training) or any other special forces type training. The workouts are a combination of body […]

Photo Courtesy of http://usmotogpfans.com/roads/49mdplus/

My First 50 Miler Benefiting The Green Beret Foundation

On August 2nd, 2013, I completed my first 50 mile run as a benefit for Run For 1 Million — a virtual race that benefits the Green Beret Foundation. It was a fun and challenging course that I completed 11:51:15. I got involved with the Run For 1 Million because the guys that put it […]


Channel your angst over setbacks into the will to overcome them

I’m about 25% through these aha’s (this one is 33 if you are counting) and while I’m really excited everyday to make progress, it’s been tough. If you recall, I stated in the first aha Starting is the scariest part, that I would write 1,000 words a day until I finished all these aha’s. At […]


Pushing on a barrier should deepen our resolve to move past it

Barriers are really things we fear. If we are courageous enough to attempt to break through a barrier, then it’s an important barrier to overcome. Barriers are our inner critics way of creating points of pause. These pause points are a way to test our mental and physical resolve to face adversity. To some, barriers […]