March 26, 2019

Interview with Author of Motivation for Creative People Mark McGuinness

  I sat down to chat with Mark McGuinness about his latest book, Motivation for Creative People. You can listen to the full audio below. The transcript of our conversation is after the audio. Make sure to check out Mark’s book if you want to get and stay motivated! Jarie:   This is Jarie Bolander and today I’m talking with […]

Reflections on Not Finishing The Endeavor Team Challenge

I really did not want to write this post. In fact, I had a whole other idea about what this post would be like – one where I detailed the glories and thrill of finishing. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Team 12 missed the Day Land Navigation time hack and could not continue on. That […]

Conquering Kokoro: Post Event Interview

My good friend Troy Angrignon sat down with myself and Jon for a de-brief on our Kokoro 32 experience. Lots of laughs, lots of Scotch, Gin & Tonics with  some great advice on how Jon and I prepared and Conquered Kokoro. You can listen to the audio below. It’s about an hour and 30 minutes long. [Audio […]

Start Breaking Bad Habits Now With Help From The Habit Project

All of us have bad habits (including me) we want to break or better yet, good habits we want to start. The hardest part about breaking bad or starting new habits is overcoming the inertia of starting. Thankfully, professional triathlete Sarah Piampiano has created a great site called that gives you weekly tips, tools and […]

Conquering Kokoro: The Journey Forward

Kokoro 32 was a life changing event that pushed me and the team to our failure points. Without the help of my team, I would not have made it across the chasm. As with any endurance event, it takes a few days for the lessons to sink it. As I sit in the the Kokoro […]

Conquering Kokoro: Focus on the Task at Hand

Kokoro Camp takes place at SEALFIT headquarters in Encinitas, CA — 25 miles north of San Diego. By car from San Francisco, it takes about 8 hours — plenty of time to think about why the hell I’m doing this. Sizing Up the Team I arrived early to find my soon to be teammates hanging […]